Who we are?

We are WIDEZINE. Amateur people who like to talk about gadgets, cars, consumer electronics and lifestyle.

Our history starts in 2018 when we thought about beginning a space to discuss cinema and lifestyle, and we started with the “TheFilm” project. Then we adjusted to “VideoGear” name. More recently, in 2020, we decided to do a new rebrand of the previous name to get it wide to talk about what we like, renaming it to “WIDEZINE.

We belong to a renewed media project dedicated to covering technology and lifestyle news, related to Science, Consumer Electronics, Gadgets and Appliances.

Where we are located?

We are founded in Hong Kong but we are in different world areas, as we have cooperation a little bit all over the world.

What languages do we speak?

We mainly speak English, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Chinese, but this blog is mainly in English.

What do we do?

Our project intends to focus on a wider range of technology areas, where the word “WIDE” means the wide news coverage and “ZINE” derives from the word “Magazine“, which is a periodical publication that contains articles, in this case, the subject will be electronics and other gadgets.

Whenever possible in our ambit we will try to cover that technological innovation news from their source: factories, brands, fairs and events, test the products and comparisons so we can give our personal (serious and honest) opinion.

It’s also a place for advertising coupons, discounts, promotions, campaigns and offers, as well as a space for sweepstakes and prizes.

Our team is small but we have great ambitions and we hope one day to be one of the reference sites for the media sector.

Do you want to cooperate?

If you want to be a contributor by guest posting, you should first get to know the WideZine project.

  1. To first understand you must respect the rules and our topics, not change the focus of interest. We recommend you to read this page to know about the internal rules.
  2. If you already know our spirit of work and want to start sending some messages, please visit this page.