Adobe and Paramount are providing contestants with assets from the movie, some generic stock assets, and a few tutorial videos meant to get people started. The contest runs from Sept. 16-Oct. 7 and requires participants to use some Adobe software to create their trailer.

In addition to the $10,000 grand prize, there are also two $1,000 runner-up prizes, as well as one special $2,000 price for a creator age 24 or under. Each of the winners may also have their videos shown at Adobe’s upcoming Max conference.

Creators should read the contest rules before taking part in the contest: Remixes that promote drug use, sexually explicit content and imagery that promotes “any activities that may appear unsafe or dangerous” are a no-no. Finally, creators also aren’t allowed to share their remixes on social media, which seems like a missed opportunity.

Assets, rules and all the other details for the contest, which is officially called “Create Your Fate,” can be found on a dedicated website.

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