Crane 3 Lab is the name of the successor of one of the most popular gimbals in the market Crane 2 from Zhiyun.

We still do not know when Crane 3 will be available but according to Zhiyun group it might be on the market by the end of November. The price is not available either.

At first I found the design a little odd. But as soon as I grabbed it I could understand the reason. It is one of the heaviest gimbals I have ever held and its design helps to hold it for a longer time which would be impossible if you hold it in the traditional way.

Regarding its caracteristics, it seems to be one of the most complete in the market, among its various functions I highlight the real time transmission to cellphones. This function makes people or objects tracking possible like the one we have in gimbals and drones nowadays.

Crane 3 Lab load capacity is up to 4.5 kg, the battery life is expected to be 18 hours, zoom button and iris control, rubbered tripod that becomes an additional hand grip.

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