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Probably ORIGEM it’s an unknown brand to you but this company focus to be a professional audio manufacturer, dedicated to research and develop their own unique algorithm, pursuing the best audio quality for consumers.

ORIGEM has recently released the world’s first Bluetooth with HDR function on an earphone earlier this year, the model “HS-3”.
There’s a new voice control system developed to this earphone ORIGEM HS-3 that allows users to have hands-free function and will become easier to calling or do other functions, whether we are driving, running or working out in the gym, we just say “Hello, voice Q!” and no more clunky remote-control interface, and we can keep our smartphone on the pocket.

Since ORIGEM HS-3 was launched, it has been one of the consumers favourite devices and highly praised by some international media such as CNET, Androidpolice and BGR.

ORIGEM is offering two big discounts during Christmas, decreasing from the old price 99$ USD to 59$ USD, and the promotion will be held on the official website from 21st to 31st December 2019. Promotion Link: https://origem.com/pages/christmas-deal

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