One of the biggest questions we have about cameras is whether it is worth buying  batteries that are not produced by the camera brand and if they are, in which brands we can trust among over a hundred of them. There are also huge quality differences that we have to consider.
One of the problems we can face with those batteries is their performance over the months. Many batteries perform well in the first month and then drop by 70%. With that in mind, Nitecore has launched the 7.2v 2280mAh (16.4Wh) NFZ100, the first smart battery for Sony that allows you perform various real-time monitoring tasks such as checking battery percentage, voltage, battery health, load cycles and more using a dedicated application called NNERGY.
These batteries have a built-in power balance circuitry that ensures they maximize their life as they have overcharge protection, over current protection, over voltage protection and short circuit protection and also an excellent storage mode that automatically reduces to 70% charge if you do not use them for 10 days. Finally these batteries also have firmware update enabling compatibility with any new Sony camera using ILCE-9 batteries.
As for the price we get a great surprise compared to the genuine Sony NP-FZ100 which costs $ 78 dollars, the Nitecore NFZ100 costs only $ 39.95 dollars.

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