DJI announced yesterday its 4k action camera that came to “fight” with GoPro.

One of the first things that catches our attention is the front screen which is only 1.4′ and helps us a lot in different situations. Another feature that is very good is its stability that seems to be similar to insta360 one X quality, but after that there are very little things to be added.

From the reviews I’ve seen, Osmo Action loses in several important aspects, I’ll make a list of what I’ve seen and made me displeased in comparison with to GoPro or even the Sony action camera.

Sharpness: It is notorious for the lack of sharpness that the camera has as we can see mainly in the beard and the stone which can be confirmed in the video below at 10:39 of iPhonedo

Low light: Osmo Action again loses for GoPro and Sony FDR

Color: As we can see in the image below where the gray is greenish or even in the images above where the white wall turns yellow, the clouds become soft yellow and also the brightness on the forehead, we can conclude that this camera has problems in the adjustment of white balance or even problems with the sensor.

Contrast and grainy: In another video made by cinema5D we can see clearly that Osmo Action has a greater contrast than GoPro 7 and mainly the continuation of a problem that I have in several videos of drones, like Mavic and Phantom, that is to present a granular that deflects attention, this granulate can be seen in the video in its first image below in the trees on the right side of the cyclist

The video of the review below made by iPhonedo where I find interesting the scenario where the tests were performed. In this video he shows how Osmo Action is more stable than the others but he makes a rotating movement like a steering wheel and it is obvious that the camera in the center, in the case to Osmo, will swing less

Here it goes the video about the review:

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