New Zealand producer Bayly & Moore has been working for more than 9 years filming Stop Motion’s marriages around the world. This type of work is not one that you can make a living only doing in your city. Since they love it and are very good at doing this work, they had to open their horizons and nowadays they do it everywhere, from New Zealand to Austrailia, United States and Europe.

How do they get it?
All photos are captured in RAW that allows better control and better image, editing is done in Lightroom. To make the capture they use the control Canon TC-80N3.

Does anybody complain about the sound of so many clicks in the ceremony?
The images are captured in Live View to avoid it.

What kind of light do they use when there is too little light?
Usually they use the available light and the low shutter formula + high ISO. They always visit the place where it will be recorded few days before, so they can give some lighting tips to the couple.

What profile do they use?
Picture Style = Neutral
Sharpness = 0
Contrast = -4
Saturation = -2
Color tone = 0

How many photos per second does Stop Motion?
Usually 4 photos per second

Cameras: 2X Canon 5D mark II
Lenses: Canon Prime (L) 35mm 1.4, 50mm 1.2, 85mm 1.2, 24mmTS 3.5 and sometimes zoom 24-70mm 2.8 e 70-200mm 2.8.


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