In the following video James analyzes Daniel’s video:This week, the Canadian producer and filmmaker Daniel Schiffer published a video about cooking video techniques that went viral on youtube, Instagram and Facebook.

The reasons for going viral are soundtrack, sound effects, camera movements but most of all through the published tutorial, where we see a video similar to those recorded by robot cameras like BOLT, made only with a lens and camera in hand. I think it is important to promote videos like these because I always see people delaying their work using as an excuse that there is no stabilizer X, camera Y or lens Z.

Talking about the lens, in one of the tutorials we can see that the lens used is a Canon 10-18mm F4 -5.6 with an adapter (the cheapest one) attached to an A7s II.

Daniel Schiffer’s video tutorial was inspired by the videos and tutorials from the Englishman James Matthews and can be viewed below Daniel’s video

In the following video James analyzes Daniel’s video:

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