In this video, Brett Seeley and model Annie Parker chat during one of their photo shoots to share some tips on how to work with models more respectfully. While some of this seems like common sense, it still happens, and maybe, it’s one hundred percent unintentional, but you don’t want rumors that you are a creeper photographer going around.

One very important tip that was left off the list in the video is regarding touching the models: it’s best if you do not touch the model. What if you absolutely have to touch the model to fix something? There are two tips that are mentioned in the video that come in handy in this situation: communicate with the model and use an assistant or use the model’s photo shoot escort. If you are clearly communicating what needs to be addressed and the other person is able to correct the issue, this saves you from any misinterpretation of the touching. Maybe you have a stronger relationship with the model and there isn’t anyone else on set and if the model isn’t able to fix the issue themselves; if so, ask before touching, and clearly communicate what needs to change and how you are going to fix it.

What was the best tip in the video? What are some other tips worth mentioning? Let us know in the comments below.

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