Another electronic novelty made in China has arrived on the market, more specifically in the technology capital, the city of Shenzhen.

This device has extraordinary capabilities to solve traffic problems in a short time and within reach of the smartphone.

It will solve problems on city streets and parking problems in shopping centers, where car owners can leave their cars aligned and then the central system will allow them to arrange the vehicles in an organized way as if they were an Amazon, eBay or AliExpress warehouse.

In addition, it will allow police officers to act much more easily since it takes up little urban space and has lower costs than the tow car, which will lead to urban control police forces solving problems in an effective way. We often see drivers illegally occupying spaces intended for people with reduced mobility and now the solution will be simplified.

This parking robot takes an average of about 120 seconds to perform the task … and has a maximum payload of 2.2 tons. The manufacturer also states that the margin of error is less than 5mm

By Andres

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