Film, television and advertising markets are increasingly opening up worldwide to try new technologies. Often using the same equipment we have in our backpack. After all, in recent years, technologies and technical possibilities have evolved so much that it does not become so necessary to spend thousands of dollars on cameras, lenses and accessories to have great results.

In Brazil a person who has stood out in the use of these new technologies is Bruno Miguel. He has recently won 8 international awards and more than 12 national awards including the Cannes Lions Awards and the United States’ biggest award, Clio Awards. Bruno Miguel also signs campaigns for Coca-Cola, Texaco, Google, GOL, Fox, Amil, Dominos and Pizza Hut.

Tim – Mesa Redonda
Setup: 5 Cameras A7s2 ( Lens sigma Art ) + Shogun



Bruno Miguel was one of the pioneers to break this barrier in the advertising market and introduce great productions, low cost cameras like sony A7s and lenses like

Infraero – Olympic Judo
Setup: Camera A7s2 ( Lens sigma Art ) + Shogun

The jump was due to an in-depth study of workflow, which comprised
from the choice in the recording format, to the guidelines that would define the best path
of color correction and color grid in post-production. Working alongside big names
Marcelo Brasil “Policia Federal: a Lei é para todos” (Federal Police: The Law is for All), Flavio Zangrandi (Rock In Rio), Jacques Cheuiches “Edificio Master, uma professora muito maluquinha” (Master Building, A very crazy teacher), Bruno studied and developed an ideal workflow through many tests, and studies, and the result you see in many movies that are now TV. – “Sometimes customers question and wonder when they see the equipment,
but then you will soon show them incredible results made with these equipments and
soon they feel safe. ”
The lenses choice is always evaluated considering options that would initially be out of the picture. The market has a penchant for Arri Master Primes, Cooke, Zeiss and Angieneux, but we put the Leica-R series lenses, the incredible Sigma Art and even Canon (L serie and CNE cinema).

We made such beautiful films as the “Time to Fly for Gol” series and the film for the Transport Department using low-cost equipment such as Sony a7s2, sigma art 1.4 lenses and the shogun inferno. – “The technology is already so advanced, that now we just have to study the best way to get the best result.”
We now have 20x more technology than there were 15 years ago, and using it
you can achieve incredible results.

“Rafael Kent, has also used a7s2 in his productions and the result is always amazing. ” Says Bruno about his co-director who has made films for Skol and McDonalds. The campaign-series “NA BOA” – Made for BEER ANTARCTICA by the 02 films, have also used A7s2 with film lenses, and the result is fantastic from a technical and artistic point of view.

I have also used the Sony A7s and A6500 in several feature length films that have participated in the most important Brazilian film festivals such as Brasilia’s Brazilian Film Festival competing with 54 other productions that used ARRI, São Paulo and Rio Film Festival, among other festivals and 2 of them got to strive in several cinemas in several states.

You may watch Bruno’s videos in his website

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