Panasonic and Fuijifilm team up for forthcoming 8K Organic Sensor Panasonic AK-SHB810 camera.

We all knew this world would one day come. But Panasonic has now given a name and possible release date to its first 8K organic sensor camera with its new Panasonic AK-SHB810. Teased earlier this year, Panasonic’s unveiling comes after years of research in conjunction with Fujiflm which dates back to 2013. The company also has additional 8K plans with more devices and systems for all levels of broadcast and video production.

Here’s everything we know about the 8K organic sensor Panasonic AK-SHB810…

Details on the Panasonic AK-SHB810


he compact box-type AK-SHB810 is reported to be lightweight, use a PL lens mount and include electrically implemented ND filters. The multi-purpose camera is set to output 8K, 4K and HD video while connected (through an optical fiber cable) to the Panasonic AK-SHU810 image processing unit. While broadcast might be the first utility in mind, the plan is for the AK-SHB810 to accommodate all types of video production needs.

With the Fuji/Panasonic sensor, we are talking about a potential 29.2 stops of dynamic range which could produce some pretty amazing images out of the box. Of course, don’t imagine that such a sensor will produce those pretty pictures without some clever software sitting behind it. This technology is being played with and fined tuned by Fujifilm/Panasonic at present, and knowing the Japanese and their rigorous testing prior to market release, it will be a number of years before you see this sensor technology in a camera in your local camera shop.

Panasonic and Fujifilm’s 8K Organic Sensor

Started as a research project in 2013 in Japan, Panasonic and Fujifilm’s newly developed “OPF” (organic photoconductive film) CMOS sensor is the new future of high-speed noise cancellation technology and has opened the possibility of capturing images at 8K resolution even in high contrast and strong sunlit scenes.

Some teased specs include:

  • 8K Resolution

  • 60fps

  • 450k saturation electrons

  • Global shutter functions

  • High-speed noise cancellation technology

  • High saturation technology

  • Wide dynamic range

  • Electronic ND filter function

Information on Release Date and Price

A hard release date (or initial price) have not been disclosed, but it is anticipated that the Panasonic AK-SHB810 should be available sometime in late 2019.

Price is still unknown as well, but it will surely be on the high-end. However, as this Panasonic-Fujifilm organic sensor is still relatively new, the technology is worth watching as it makes it way into other camera systems and hopefully down to a more prosumer level in the next few years.

You can read the full press release (translate from Japanese) on Panasonic’s website here.

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