At 20:50 on June 30, the local time in the United Arab Emirates, Jetour lit up the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The model X70PLUS and DASHING were chosen as the leading roles to be exhibited at the world’s tallest building, along with a shocking theme light show. The appearance of Jetour on the Burj Khalifa is a demonstration of respect for the height of the world with its own development speed. This not only announced the ready launch of X70PLUS in the Middle East, but also a warm-up to the global launching of DASHING.

With a height of 828 meters and 162 floors, the Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world and is known as “the Top of the world or the Eye of the world”. As the hub of Dubai’s vibrant city life, it is also a vital stage for the world’s leading brands to show their image and strength.

The Burj Khalifa was packed with people that night. As the LED screen brightened, the audience counted down together according to the changing numbers on the screen. When a shining blue beam rose into the sky, the outside of Burj Khalifa was covered in brilliant lights like fireworks quickly, and then X70PLUS and DASHING appeared dazzlingly correspondingly. The selling points unfolded one by one through very technical pictures, which instantly attracted many pedestrians to stop and watch, and many people raised their mobile phones to record the wonderful moments.

The lighting event means a lot to this company. Since born in 2018, Jetour cars have been sold to over 30 countries and regions by the virtue of their excellent products and high-quality services for 4 years. This not only allowed to be supported by more than 400,000 fans around the world but also became the fastest-growing Chinese car brand at its own speed. Nevertheless, 2022 is a year for Jetour to accelerate its pace in overseas markets. X70PLUS and DASHING, as blockbuster models, have been updated greatly in terms of power, space, interior, and configuration. Besides bringing higher car-using quality to global users, this will also be helpful to lift the “Jetour Speed”. At present, X70PLUS has appeared in Saudi Arabia and other regions and will be launched in other countries around the world in the latter half of the year. DASHING, as the brand-new A-class SUV, will also complete the global listing in the second half of this year. With the launching of the two models, it is believed that Jetour will be hot continuously worldwide.

Starting from China and aiming to the world. Moving forward firmly by every steady step at every period, it only took Jetour 4 years to achieve the amazing “Jetour Speed”. At this time, with its own process status, Jetour lit up the top of the world and shined on the world stage successfully. This not only shows the growth of China’s overseas brands, but declares their ambition to go global. In the future, the company will stick to the “Travel+” strategy to continuously empower the brand value. By actively cultivating the “Travel+” market segment based on user’s needs, it continues to improve product research and development capabilities and offer high-quality products and services. In a word, Jetour is trying its best to provide a better car-using experience and a more reliable travel solution for global customers.

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