When we think of drones the DJI models comes to our mind. A brand that became a reference in drones and technology products, this time with the new programmable ground robot, called RoboMaster S1 may innovate again.
With the proposal of joining fun and technology to the “build it yourself” concept is certainly one of the greatest launches of the brand.
Rumor pages and images published by the DJI itself on twitter lead us to believe that it will be an educational robot with the purpose of getting people (of all ages) from the front of a screen to have fun and even learn in a more interactive way.

Functions like line tracking, line marker recognition, gesture recognition, clap, sounds and other S1 recognition may be part of the model. It may also have more advanced programming systems for those who want to create their own functions.

Retailing at USD499, it will be available starting June 12, online on DJI.

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