Today is the day: Panasonic presents the S1H, a 6k mirrorless that might be the most desired on the market

Today at the Cine Gear Expo, an event that has become better than NAB Show, Panasonic will present the new Panasonic S1H full frame.

Although the first full frame camera from the Panasonic S1 has been a letdown for videographers, this, by rumors, seems to go the other way.

Rumored specs:
– L-mount
– New Full Frame sensors
– Records 6K24p and 4k60p
– Records 10bit 4:2:2 internal at 30p and external 60p
– 14 stops Dynamic Range
– Cinematography dream gear
– It’s built like a tank.
– Slightly bigger than the S1-S1R for better heat dissipation
– full built-in log settings
– lot more epxensive than the S1R
– price $4,000

Stay tuned!

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